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Cascade Bike Trainers – Great Features, Best Value

Cascade bike trainers offer high quality features and great results for a fraction of the price of similarly equipped trainers. They are consistently ranked as one of the best fluid bike trainers available and used by cycling teams to train nationwide. Watch the video to see what professionals and bike enthusiasts have to say about the FluidPro.

• Great Road Feel
Backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, the Cascade FluidPro is one of the quietest and most stable fluid bike trainers available. Smooth progressive resistance gives you a great road feel.
• Faster Set Up
Our patented Quick Connect feature means you can set up you Cascade FluidPro trainer in seconds – simply clicking the lever in place for rock solid, stable performance.
Train With Power
The Cascade FluidPro Power bike trainer includes a wireless power meter that measures your cycling output – including watts, heart rate, speed, cadence, time and distance.